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2011 Ford Fiesta ‘unwraps’ itself for new buyers

June 24, 6:01 PMDetroit Autos ExaminerPatrick Rall

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Ford Motor Company is banking on the new Fiesta to take the compact world by storm and unlike any other vehicle; Ford has used technology and popular media trends to advertise this car before it reaches the US market this summer. The latest piece of interesting news about Ford’s new subcompact is their new Fiesta unpackaging experience.

New Ford buyers who arrive at the dealership to pick up their 2011 Fiesta will begin by watching a short introductory video on a kiosk located on the showroom floor – presumably while the porters are prepping the car for final delivery. Once the video ends, the new Fiesta owner has his or her picture taken with their brand new car which will be uploaded to the Fiesta Community website for later use.

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When the proud new owner leaves the dealership in their 2011 Ford Fiesta, the next phase of the unpackaging experience begins – this time in the form of a 19 minute audio file preloaded onto a USB drive that walks you through the various aspects of the new car. The “info-tainment type” audio unwrapping begins with basic items like the push button start and commences through the other basic control aspects of the car, highlighting special features like the Fiesta’s sound-deadening windshield.
Once home, you can remove the USB from your new Fiesta and insert it into your home computer for the final portion of the Fiesta unpackaging experience. The Fiesta Community Application uploads to your computer via the Ford USB and this application affords the new owner to a variety of features:

• Fiestapedia: Serves as an online wiki, where owners can get tips from other owners and contribute their own ideas, with more than fifteen categories to choose from.
• Photoshop: Users can retrieve their photo taken when they received their car, and Photoshop in a background, with more than fifty to choose from. After the photo is completed, it can easily be shared through social media channels like Facebook.
• Online Community: Connects owners through collaboration with Fiesta Faction, an existing enthusiast club.
• Dealer Store: Ties owners in with their dealer, so they can check out their Facebook page or website, and keep up-to-date with events.
• Podcasts: Offers a dozen podcasts with greater detail about the features on Fiesta, such as safety and SYNC.
• Fiesta News: Provides updated news on the world of Fiesta
• Ford Connections: Makes it easy to connect with Ford, through, and

This announcement adds just one more interesting aspect to the new 2011 Ford Fiesta, this one helping new owners to get the most out of their high-tech new compact car. Check out the gallery below for a look at the Fiesta Community App and stay tuned to your Detroit Autos Examiner for all of your breaking news from around town and around the world!

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